Turin 3-Hour Classic Walking Tour

USD 87



Embark on a fascinating 3-hour stroll through Turin's historic corridors, where medieval charm converges with Baroque grandeur. Unravel the city's rich tapestry as you explore majestic palaces, picturesque porticoes, and quaint shopping streets lined with elegant boutiques and cozy cafes. Take a break to indulge in an authentic Italian espresso and satisfy your sweet tooth with a taste of Turin's renowned chocolates.

Embark on a captivating 3-hour stroll through Turin's historic heart, where majestic baroque palaces, stunning porticoes, and medieval landmarks await. Your journey begins at Piazza Castello, the epicenter of the old city center. First, delve into the opulent world of Palazzo Madama, a cherished residence of the royal court's ladies. Next, discover the grandeur of the Palazzo Reale, the former seat of power where the Savoy monarchs held sway. As you make your way through the city, catch a glimpse of the Cathedral's soaring spire, before standing face-to-face with its austere, medieval façade. This revered edifice is, of course, home to the enigmatic Turin Shroud, an artifact shrouded in mystery and speculation. Take a leisurely walk through the elegant Piazza San Carlo, once fondly dubbed "Europe's salon." Admire the exquisite baroque architecture of Piazza Carignano, including the palace where King Vittorio Emanuele II was born. Your tour will also meander through the Quadrilatero Romano, where the ancient Roman grid system that underpins Turin's original urban plan is still palpable. Throughout your tour, take a pause to indulge in a quintessential Italian experience: savoring an espresso and sampling the city's signature "giandujotti" chocolates, infused with the rich flavor of walnuts.