Turin: Zoom Torino Admission

USD 24



Experience the ultimate wildlife adventure at Italy's pioneering immersive "Bioparco", Zoom Torino. This exceptional zoo is sprawled across expansive grounds, providing a natural habitat for a diverse range of over 84 astonishing animal species. As you wander through the zoo's vast open spaces, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey amidst the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Zoom Torino is an immersive biopark, an immense green area entirely pedestrian, where you can live an irresistible travel experience between Asia and Africa, immersed in nature to discover animals in their habitats: the Madagascar of lemurs and giant turtles; the Asian Jungle of gibbons and tigers; the Bay of African Penguins; the Farm of the Worlds with Somali donkeys, dromedaries, llamas, alpacas, wallabies, prairie dogs and watussi oxen; the Petra Amphitheater with its majestic birds of prey; the Serengeti with giraffes, zebras, ostriches, rhinos and many other species; the unmissable Hippo Underwater, the first special open-air aquarium in Italy, where it is possible to see hippos swimming underwater among 2.000 colorful tropical fish; the Asian Courtyard, the area dedicated to interaction with docile animals, considered domesticated in the places of origin of the species, such as Tibetan goats and Comisane sheep; the Tree of Life where you can admire iguanas, boas, pythons and monitor lizards and - new for 2023 - the Rupe del Masai Mara where you can meet lions. Exploring the 10 African and Asian habitats you learn, while having fun, curiosities, peculiarities and problems of the species thanks also to the many meetings with biologists. The animals housed in the biopark come from other European zoological structures belonging to the E.A.Z.A. association, none come from nature. Furthermore, in the summer, 2 highly experiential aquatic habitats await you to make you experience memorable emotions: you can swim next to African penguins, separated only by a glass window, relaxing on Bolder Beach and having fun on the Hippo Rapids discovering underwater hippos in Malawi Beach. Zoom has everything you need to turn a day in contact with nature into an educational and fun experience.