Wine Tasting near Turin Royal Palace with food platter

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Embark on a vinous adventure in Turin's trendy wine bar, where the rhythms of fine wine and music harmonize in perfect symphony. Savor four exceptional local wines from Turin and North Italy, expertly paired with artisanal cheeses and cured meats. Guided by a knowledgeable sommelier, uncover the intricate tasting notes, traditional winemaking techniques, and insider secrets that will elevate your wine appreciation.

Embark on a captivating wine journey through Italy's esteemed regions, with a focus on the picturesque Piedmont region, where the charming city of Turin is nestled. As we delve into the world of wine, our expert guide will share the secrets of wine tasting like a seasoned sommelier, exploring the three essential senses: sight, smell, and taste. Our wine adventure begins with a stylish aperitivo, featuring a top-notch sparkling wine from Northern Italy, such as Prosecco, Erbaluce, or Franciacorta. Learn about the production methods and insider tips on selecting the best vintages to bring back home. Next, we'll discover a local white wine, like Arneis, paired with an exquisite selection of fresh and mature local cheeses. You'll uncover how the unique terroir of Piedmont contributes to the region's surprising success on the international wine scene. Of course, no visit to Piedmont would be complete without exploring its iconic red wines, matured to perfection in oak barrels, infusing them with unique aromatic flavors. Savor the classics, including Barbera and Nebbiolo, and uncover their ancient roots. Throughout this interactive experience, you'll gain insight into winemaking techniques, agricultural practices, grape varieties, and expert pairing advice – all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Indulge in top-tier tastings, carefully curated from esteemed local wineries that can't be found in supermarkets. Our wine haven is a music-inspired bar, conveniently located just a five-minute stroll from the majestic Royal Palace and the fascinating Egypt Museum. Prepare to be enchanted by the wines that rival those of Tuscany. Ideal for couples, families, and friends seeking a unique experience.