Turin: 2-Hour City Highlights Walking Tour

USD 38



Embark on a 2-hour stroll through the charming streets of Turin, accompanied by a knowledgeable local expert who will unveil the secrets of this timeless city. As you wander, discover the iconic landmarks, picturesque piazzas, stunning churches, and the bustling central market, all waiting to be unearthed in this captivating urban oasis.

Embark on a fascinating journey through Turin's rich history and culture, starting in the vibrant city center. Your adventure begins at the picturesque Piazza San Carlo, where an impressive equestrian monument of Emmanuel Philibert takes center stage. This iconic square is affectionately known as the "salon of the city," setting the tone for the rest of your discovery. Next, stroll under a charming gallery to arrive at the stunning Piazza Carignano, where majestic historical buildings, recognized by UNESCO since 1997, await. From here, make your way to the bustling Piazza Castello, the true heart of Turin, where the city's most iconic landmarks take center stage. Delve deeper into the city's heritage as you explore majestic sites like the Royal Palace, the elegant Palazzo Madama, and the beautiful San Lorenzo Church. Your tour culminates outside the iconic Mole Antonelliana, Turin's most revered building and a fitting finale to your cultural odyssey.