Turin: Guided Food Tour with Chocolate & Wine Tasting

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Immerse yourself in the rich flavors and traditions of Piedmont on this delectable food adventure, expertly guided by a local connoisseur. Savor 10 mouth-watering specialties, paired with refreshing sips of the region's renowned wines, as you meander through the picturesque streets of Turin's historic center, taking in the breathtaking views of this stunning city.

Embark on a gastronomic journey through Turin, a city whose rich history and cultural heritage are intertwined with the flavors of Italy. Discover how the city's unique blend of traditions has given rise to a thriving food and wine scene. We'll start our adventure like the bohemians of old, indulging in a chocolate experience that will transport you back to the 19th century cafes of Turin. Savor the local specialty, Bicerin, a decadent hot chocolate recipe that's been a staple of the city's cafes for centuries. Next, we'll delve into the art of chocolate-making, sampling traditional treats like Gianduiotto, Cremino, and Cri Cri, as well as premium dark chocolates crafted from the finest Criollo cocoa beans. We'll discuss the challenges of sourcing high-quality cocoa and explore the complexities of the global cocoa industry. Turin's unique cultural melting pot has given rise to a diverse culinary scene, with citizens from across Italy bringing their own recipes and traditions to the city. We'll sample the flavors of the Ligurian coast, indulging in Focaccia Ligure from a family-run bakery, paired with a drizzle of exceptional olive oil. No gastronomic journey through Turin would be complete without a taste of the region's renowned wines, crafted in the vineyards nestled in the Alpine slopes. We'll sip on two exquisite whites and a signature red, perfectly paired with cured ham and artisanal cheese. Come with an appetite for adventure and a thirst for knowledge, and get ready to uncover the flavors and traditions that make Turin a culinary gem.