Turin: Interactive Vermouth-Making Workshop at Casa Martini

USD 38



Join an immersive vermouth-making experience and unravel the mysteries behind the perfect blend of Martini's signature vermouths. Take your creative skills to the next level by crafting your very own vermouth, and get to take it home as a unique souvenir! As a bonus, arrive an hour early and enjoy complimentary access to Casa Martini, a fascinating destination that's sure to leave you intrigued.

Delve into the world of vermouth in Turin, led by a master mixologist in an immersive and interactive workshop. Discover the rich history behind this aromatic fortified wine, and uncover the ancient techniques used to craft it. Get hands-on and blend your own vermouth, taking your creation home as a unique souvenir. Under the expert guidance of a Martini master, explore the intricacies of vermouth, from its 18th-century origins in Turin to the art of balancing botanicals and aromatic notes. As you learn, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for this iconic drink. Cap off the experience by crafting your own bespoke bottle of vermouth, complete with your signature blend. Plus, enjoy complimentary access to the adjacent Casa Martini museums, a bonus included with your workshop ticket.